Šalmas Uvex Race 9 white-red-53-57CM
Šalmas Uvex Race 9 white-red-53-57CM
Šalmas Uvex Race 9 white-red-53-57CM
Šalmas Uvex Race 9 white-red-53-57CM

Šalmas Uvex Race 9 white-red-53-57CM

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There are demands. Standards. And there is UVEX. We don't just comply with high demands, expectations and standards, WE EXCEED THEM

Safe, light and extremely well ventilated: the brand new UVEX race 9 road cycling helmet connects expert aerodynamics with optimal ventilation and safety. On the hunt for a new personal best time, everything has to be right - whether youre on a ride after work, training for the next competition, or racing. For road cycling devotees looking for the ultimate helmet, and to feel good, UVEX has developed the new UVEX race 9. This race-ready helmet combines a seamless, multi inmould construction with a lightweight, reinforcing cage. To make the helmet even lighter, the protective EPS material is foamed directly into the shell. In an impact, the integrated two-part cage holds the helmet together, for even more protection. Helmet pads are not embossed, so moisture cannot settle. This combination keeps the head cool, on even the most strenuous rides. For optimal fit the helmet is height and width adjustable, thanks to the 2k IAS half ring fit system. Aerodynamically optimized helmet for maximum performance. Innovative cage design saves weight and permits 14 particularly large ventilation openings for a cool head.

RACE series
Aero vent design
Multi inmould technology
Cage construction
14 ventilation openings
2k IAS fit system
Made in Germany
Monomatic fastener
FAS straps
Vent pads
Additional embossed replacement pads
Weight: from 285 g

VENT PADS - Interior features significantly affect a helmets comfort. The Vent Pads consists of high quality moisture wicking material with embossed ventilation channels. They are comfortable and soft on the skin, dry quickly, are removable and washable.
MULTI INMOULD RACE SHELL - double inmould construction with a lightweight, reinforcing cage! For low weight plus maximum impact strength, the protective EPS material is foamed directly into the polycarbonate shell. In the event of an impact, the integrated cage holds the helmet together - for extra protection, without adding unnecessary weight. Partly visible, as a design element, it replaces the webbing holders in the rear, since the strap is mounted directly in the cage.
AERO VENT DESIGN - innovative helmet ventilation system has extra large air channels in the front - it makes the uvex race 9 one of the best ventilated uvex helmets.
MONOMATIC - Multi-stage and anatomically shaped uvexs monomatic comfort closure opens and closes at the touch of a button, with just one hand. The chin strap always sits perfectly.
FAS straps - Fast Adapting System webbing can be easily and continuously tailored to your exact head shape. The helmet stays securely on the head in all situations and the webbing straps are always in the best position. Y-divider provides individual adjustment options - and a secure, comfortable fit.
2k IAS - Having the same head circumference does not necessarily guarantee that a helmet can provide maximum safety and comfort. Advanced fit systems provide the perfect adjustment, in every direction, to match every individual head shape. This technology allows height and width adjustment and is extremely light. Moreover, it features easy-grip adjustment wheel with soft components.

Please measure your head circumference to get the right helmet size. Recommended to measure with a measuring tape or a rope about 1.5cm above the ears.

Wearing an uvex helmet ensures your safety. Every helmet undergoes rigorous tests in our testing centre, so that the quality and function is guaranteed. Standards: EN 1078

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