Avarijos jutiklis šalmui Uvex Tocsen crash sensor black

Avarijos jutiklis šalmui Uvex Tocsen crash sensor black

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There are demands. Standards. And there is UVEX. We don't just comply with high demands, expectations and standards, WE EXCEED THEM

If you fall, you're not alone. Even if you prefer to be on your own: The Tocsen Fall Sensor is always the perfect companion. No matter if you are freeriding, carving the slopes or mountain biking. But what if an accident happens? Off-road or on a remote road? And no one around to help? Then Tocsen can help. The unique system of crash sensor and app detects a fall, asks how the rider is doing and sends an emergency call including accident location GPS data if there is no response. To emergency contacts and the entire Tocsen community nearby. With 3 months battery life thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy.

Shares accident location

Compatible with every helmet

Low battery consumption

Durable and rechargable

Free app

This is how the Tocsen System works:

1. mounting

The Tocsen Fall Sensor is perfectly suitable for every uvex ski and bike helmet - of course also for all other brands. It is simply stuck behind the ear on the hard shell helmet.

2. start the app

Install the free app, set up the Tocsen system and enter personal emergency contacts.

3. drive off

Shake the sensor to connect and activate. You're ready to go.

4. crash detection

Should the user crash, the sensor and app will audibly ask if everything is okay. After 30 seconds, the emergency call system is activated if the driver does not react.

5. message to emergency contacts and first responders.

If the user does not respond, all emergency contacts and Tocsen Members in the vicinity are alerted. GPS coordinates included. The app not only guides first responders to the scene of an accident, but also provides valuable behavioral tips.

Weight: 35g

100% made in Germany. The technology is produced in the Black Forest, the shell in Nuremberg. The batteries come from Lake Constance, the packaging from Braunschweig. The servers are located in Bavaria - and the Tocsen headquarter is in Freiburg. While uvex is responsible for sales in Fürth.

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